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HPNA Splitters

DiGiTAL-1 HPNA splitters have been specifically designed to work in HPNA environments. It allows the concurrent transmission of data and voice signals, using frequency division multiplexing on the same wire pair without having any two signals interfere with the other

In this manner there is no need to rewire the dwelling, MDU or business premise because the information can be transmitted over the "existing" wires. The low port to port isolation allows HPNA communication signals to pass through the splitters to set top boxes with as little signal loss as possible. At the same time the DiGiTAL-1 HPNA series splitters provide good return loss and isolation for in band frequencies other than HPNA.

Features and Benefits
o 360° gold plated center conductor pin enhanced 360° contacts engineered for maximum conductor contact and superior retention.
o Gold-plated, copper construction for prevention of common path distortion, impedance.
o Solid Zinc cast housing with bright Tin triple plating for durability in all environments.
o Universal drive mounting and ground port screws packaged with each splitter.
o Sealed ports to prevent moisture ingress to 15 PSI.
o HPNA Compatible.
o Expanded Pass Band (for future communication channels).
o Meets or exceeds ANSI/SCTE 153 2008 for outdoor use and environmental and Mechanical Requirements.
o Excellent return loss and port-to-port isolation in the return band (for HPNA communications).
o Tin-plated copper back plate provides minimum -130dB shielding effectiveness and superior defense against long-term corrosion factors.
o Weather-sealed “F” ports.
o Machine threaded flat “F” ports.
o Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C.
o Corrosion resistance, 1000 Hours of salt spray per ANSI/SCTE 143 2007.