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Fiber Optic

Componexx Fiber Optic products are developed and manufactured with the highest performance. Our product line includes the following categories with their variations.

Categories and Subcategories
o Optical Transmitter pg 2
o Direct Modulation Transmitter pg 3
o Optical Amplifier pg 4
o Optical Nodes pg 5
- Outdoor Optical Node
- FTTB Optical Node
- FTTH Optical Node
o Optical Nodes and Switches pg 12
o Optical Passive Components pg 13
- Dispersion Compensation Modules
- Fiber Optic Splitters
o ABS Box Type
o Tube Type
o Cassette Type
o Bare Type
o Module Type
o Patch cords and pigtails pg 17
- Multi-Fiber Breakout Indoor
- Ribbon
- Armored
- Waterproof
- Fiber Optic Loopback
o Fiber Optic Adapter and Attenuator pg 26
- Fiber Optic Adapter
- Fiber Optic Attenuator
- Quick Assembly Connector
- APC Quick Assembly Connector
- Straight Through Type Quick Assembly Connector
- Mechanical Splicer
o Rack Mount Fiber optic Patch Panel pg 32
- Fiber Optic Patch Panel
- Fiber Optic Distribution box
- Fiber Optic Terminal Box
o Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure pg 41
- Vertical Type
- Horizontal Type