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With our years of combined Audio and Video experience, Componexx’s professional design and sourcing team knows what ingredients are needed to make the best cables available. Componexx’s supply chain takes on a critical role in the quality and design process of new cable technologies that ensure maximum signal integrity. All Componexx products are 100% tested during production to ensure peak specifications are being met Componexx.

Features and Benefits
o Digital and Analog video solutions deliver high-quality, detailed pictures
o Superior shielding protection against EMI and RFI interference
o Ideal audio solutions for Dolby® Digital and DTS surround sound
o Advanced, engineered dielectrics for better impedance
o Optimized for end-to-end system performance
o Smooth, flexible cable and mesh jackets ensure easy installations
o 99.99% High Purity Oxygen Free Copper Conductors ensure the continuation of all signals
o 24K Polished Gold Connectors for better connections and less corrosion
o Coaxial RG6 Specifications
o High-speed data transmissions
o Environmentally friendly RoHS Complaint


Our X Series Cables include the sub category Micro Line which is specially designed to be very easy to install. Thinner and smaller than most performance cables, the Micro Line has full flexibility and virtually no memory. Componexx X Series Cables offer Home Theater Audio and Video Cables, Flat Cables, Media Splitters and Cables, Computer Peripheral Cables, Ipod/MP3 and HDMI Adapters. X Series also offers Speaker Cables with and without connectors.
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Pro Series

Our Pro Series Cables are engineered to superior performance specifications. The Pro Series Cables are equipped with stylish, silver chromed upper half metal body shells. Componexx Pro Series Cables offer excellent signal transmissions. The Pro Series offers a full line up of Audio and Video Cables including HDMI and a Media category including Ipod and MP3 Player Cables. Enjoy listening to your music with a friend using a Componexx Pro Series cable.
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Xtreme Series

Our Xtreme Series Cables are designed to match up with your Audio and Video equipment for Xtreme performance. The Xtreme Series Cables are manufactured with pearlized chrome, full metal body shells and polished, 24K gold plated, machined connectors. Inside the body shells are an additional strain relief and lead free solder connections. Continuous sounds, bright colors and Xtreme clarity, the Componexx Xtreme Series Cables are made to satisfy even the most critical audio/videophiles.
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