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Digital-1 Amplifiers have been engineered and manufactured to provide the highest performance and reliability. They ensure the best quality signal distribution possible. The Digital-1 engineering team has a proven 20 year track record in the Broadband Industry and offers the best class in mechanical and consistent RF performance with high quality components and strict QC measures.

Mini Amplifiers

1GHz Digital-1 CATV Mini Amplifier Passive Return
o Mini size with excellent performance and low power consumption.
o Compact design based on patented power isolation.
o E-Phemt GaAs technology.
o Compliant with ANSI/SCTE 161 2009.
o Machined brass F ports with 360°, 4 prong centre contact with pull-off force 650g.
o Zink allow housing. Nickel plated.
o Waterproof F ports to meet IEC529, IP67 standards (15psi).
o Surge withstanding test procedure complies with ANSI/SCTE 161 2009.
o 1KV blocking capacitors on all RF ports for DC/hum protection.
o Low noise figure.
o Supports both local and remote powering.
o Regulator IC allows wide input voltage range 9-20VDC.
o LED power indicator.
o Low power consumption: 95mA±10mA(1.2W).
o 12VDC power adapter is UL/cUL listed and compliant with IEEE587 C62.41-1991 Cat B3 surge withstanding.

MoCA Amplifiers

1GHz Digital-1 CATV Mini Amplifier Passive Return
o SCTE compliant mechanical and electrical performance ensures consistent integration and performance.
o Cast aluminum powder coated housing tested to withstand all seasonal elements (2000 hours salt fog).
o Pressure sealed and waterproof F-ports prevent moisture migration and condensation over temperature and climate change).
o Premium performance normalized sub-components offer very high resistance to spurious signals and second harmonics (greater than -45dB).
o Surge resistant up to 6kV per IEEE C62.41-1991 *B3 (combo wave 6000V, 3kA)
o Beryllium copper 360 degree seizure provides repeated superior connections (tested to SCTE requirements for outdoor products)
o 100 dB RFI shielding guarantees signals free from interference and localized noise
o UL approved power adaptor